These Terms and Conditions were prepared for our offline events. That is why, some clauses that describe activities and regulations  at venues may not apply for our online events.

The Maplemind Game is an interactive intellectual team game where kids can use their creative thinking, knowledge and analytical skills and practice their team building and collaboration talents.

The game may be intended for kids aged 8-14 (The Maplemind Game for Kids) or for any age (The maplemind Game Family and Friends).

The Maplemind Game is the intellectual property of Maplemind Events and Entertainment, which is also the official host of the game.

Maplemind Events and Entertainment conducts the game at the pre-selected venues that agree to provide suitable conditions for the players.

Maplemind Events and Entertainment reserves the right to take photos and videos at each game. Pictures and videos can be used for the game website and social media pages. By accepting the current terms and conditions you provide your consent to have the players that you register for the game photographed and videotaped during the game.

There will be some limited guest seating for the parents who wish to observe the game. There is no charge for parents to attend the game. The staff reserves the right to restrict the parents from attending the game if the guest area limit is reached. Parents are not allowed to participate in the game or to provide any hints to players.

The purchased tickets are not refundable. If you wish to transfer the ticket to another player, please contact us and advise of the player's name change.​

Maplemind Events and Entertainment shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss, injury or damages resulting from:
a. The inability of the venue to perform the services as a result of any strike, flood, fire, force majeure, or act of God;
b. The conduct of any person or persons attending the function;
c. Loss of any items
d. Restrictions or bans placed by the Venue or any third-party providers

Maplemind Events and Entertainment reserves the right to postpone or cancel a game with advance notice to parents in the event of insufficient amount of registered teams for a particular game or in a situation of any strike, flood, fire, force majeure, or act of God; in that case, the registrants will be refunded for the purchased tickets.

Maplemind Events and Entertainment engages the staff of coordinators trained to supervise the kids and to monitor the environment safety.

Maplemind entertainment complies with safety and security regulations imposed by the venue.