Here is how you play The Maplemind Game Live:

1. Assemble your team


​2. Make sure your team is registered - only registered teams will be able to submit their answers online. No need to register individual players. Registration takes less than a minute. We don't put any restrictions on team size.

​3. Before your online game, please decide on a communication tool for your team, for example Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype or another tool, as long as your connection works well enough. Please make sure that all your remote team members have the tool installed and can access it in a timely manner. Do not use the same device for watching the YouTube stream and connecting with your team. Preferably use a desktop computer for the stream and a phone for communication with the team.

​4. Choose the captain. Only the captain will be submitting your team's answers. Multiple submissions on behalf of the same team will not be accepted.​


​5. The game consists of 4 rounds called The Maples, with 6 questions in each Maple:

·         The Green Maple: Questions related to general knowledge of geography, books, movies, sports, current events, food, or history.

·         The Yellow Maple: Questions related to music and arts.

·         The Red Maple: Questions related to science and engineering.

·         The Golden Maple: Mix-up! This Maple will have the trickiest questions based on any of the previous subject areas.

6. You will have 30 seconds to choose the answer for each trivia question or 1 minute for each question in our classic mode. After each Maple, the captain will have up to 1 minute to submit the form.

​7. The online forms to submit the answers to the questions as well as the live stream can be accessed at the corresponding LIVE GAME page (you will be provided a special link once your team is registered) - they will be activated during the online streaming. The Captain (and only the Captain) must select the right form for each round and write the team name and the Captain's name. Then they check the number to the answer of each question and submit the form at the end of each round. The forms get submitted instantaneously and results get calculated automatically.

​8. During the game, the host will be presenting the questions and reviewing the correct answers at the end of each Maple.

​9. You are not allowed to look for the answers online. Teams get between 1 and 3 point for each correct answer (depending on a Maple) and 0 points for each incorrect or missing answer. The team that scores the highest amount of points wins. The players of the winning team will receive certificates.

10.Please connect with your team members 15 minutes before the game to ensure efficient communication.

Stay safe and see you soon!

The Maplemind Game Team