Aimed at youth aged 8-13,The Maplemind Game gives children the tools they need to thrive with their mind - not their smartphones! By working offline and in a team environment, participants will flex their creative thinking muscles, harness their communication skills, and work on their leadership abilities! Here at Maplemind, we make fun and education collide.


Our game based learning emphasizes preparedness and fact gathering before sessions to spark curiosity. The HINT page will be updated two to three days before upcoming game times to lead learners towards tips that will help them during rounds.


The Maplemind Game will have four rounds (known as “Maples” in our world!). In each round, there will be six questions based on the specific genre of that Maple.


  • The Green Maple: Questions related to general knowledge of geography, books, movies, sports, current events, food, or history.

  • The Yellow Maple: Questions related to music and arts.

  • The Red Maple: Questions related to science and engineering.

  • The Golden Maple: Mix-up! This Maple will have the trickiest questions based on any of the previously mentioned subject areas.


Between these fiery rounds, we will break for some rest and live MC entertainment! The Maples will be scored on the basis of one point per one correct answer. Each team member will get 10 membership points for participation per game, with the possibility to gain additional points for the upcoming games. Staff will validate answers during game time. Upon completion of round, staff will read and explain correct answers. As expected, the use of cell phones or other gadgets is prohibited- we’ll have to use what’s between our ears for this!


The winning team(s) will be awarded prizes.


The Maplemind Game is not just a re-occurring event - it’s a place of community, friendship, and learning. At Maplemind, we believe that education should be fun, and we truly believe these values will be shared with our game community members. While learning, your children are also engraining themselves into this community, and building lasting friends while expanding their natural curiosity.


Upon registration, participants can either create their own teams or join existing ones. Each team will consist of five to eight players. Participants will be supervised throughout the entire game experience to ensure fun and safe play! Bottled water will be provided.


Registration is available through this website.

            - Early bird ticket price: $20 (limited quantity available)

            - General admission: $25


Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay in designated areas, but cannot participate in the game. Parking is free and available on site.

S   mple questions



Which Ontario city is named after the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology?


In a lightning storm, lightning travels faster than the thunder. What is the approximate speed of the lightning?


Which is the smallest whole number that can be divided by numbers 1 to 6?

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